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Release Notes - 2018-10-09

The following product changes are included in this release.


  • Added "Latest Work Order" column to equipment lists that displays the most recent work order that references the equipment item.
  • Added ability to delete a customer record from the customer list action menu.
  • When editing a completed recurring job, a new checkbox allows the user to choose whether they want to reactivate the job upon save.
  • In Settings > Email, a new "Incoming Email Log" has been added that displays a record of the incoming emails that have been received for the account. Each email in the list also includes details about its status (accepted, rejected, etc).
  • When deleting a work order, an entry is now added to the work order log before the deletion is finalized. If the deleted work order is then restored from the "Recycle Bin", the log entry allows you to see who deleted the work order.
  • Mobile Web App Enhancements:
    • Existing work orders can now be edited (if the user has permission).
    • Work order items (labor, materials and expenses) can now be deleted (if the user has permission).
    • When creating/editing a work order item, the unit price/cost and taxable status can now be edited (if the user has permission).


  • Fixed: Mouse pointer should indicate ability to click when hovering over the monthly calendar views.
  • Fixed: Recurring jobs that are scheduled weekly every 2 weeks starting on a Sunday or Monday and scheduled to generate a job on Monday and Friday to miss generating the occurrence on the Friday after the first week.
  • Fixed: Recurring Job would not save if user unchecks the "Include Assignment" checkbox but the "Scheduled" radio button is still selected and the schedule is invalid.
  • Fixed: Incorrect data in the "Hours This Week" on the personal dashboard under some circumstances.
  • Fixed: Error in export - Work Orders.
  • Fixed: Recurring Job set to "Indefinite" does not remove "After X Occurrences".
  • Fixed: When viewing an equipment item in mobile web app, the item is not added to recently viewed items.
  • Fixed: Error when trying to increase the number of work orders per page when viewing service history for a customer.
  • Fixed: Export feature does not use user's timezone when exporting by date.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug preventing users from logging into the mobile web app with a password that had potentially bad characters in it.
  • Fixed: Bug preventing custom email address validation.
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