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Release Notes - 2019-02-14

The following product changes are included in this release.


  • Add cost and profit data to contract usage page and print-out.
  • When printing a work order that has an existing signed document, make it more clear that there is a signed copy of the doc.
  • When editing a work order, you can now create a new customer, a new contact, or a new location just like you can when creating a new work order.
  • API Enhancements:
    • Added ability to filter the service request list by equipmentId.
    • Added an endpoint to get a customer location by id.
    • Added an endpoint to get a customer contact by id.
    • Allow bulk downloading of uploaded files


  • Fixed: When emailing a work order that has a signed document, the email sends the signed copy instead of what's on the screen.
  • Fixed: Multiple-day weekly recurring jobs not generating assignments for all days.
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