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Release Notes - 2018-12-14

The following product changes are included in this release.


  • Add 'Default Labor Rate' to 'Customers' report dataset.


  • Fixed: Cannot change "contact" to none on a work order.
  • Fixed: Incorrect location selected when creating new work order for a location from the locations list.
  • Fixed: Duplicate data included in customer addresses when transferring a billing batch to QuickBooks Online.
  • Fixed: Can't add "Contract Name" and "Contract ID" to the same custom report.
  • Fixed: Incorrect Appointment Time - GMT +10:00 (When Automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time is not selected)
  • Fixed: Error when adding a new equipment item while adding/editing a work order.
  • Fixed: Problem with Callback Log date range.
  • Fixed: Sorting by a column in the Work Order List should return the user to page 1.
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