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Release Notes - 2019-04-05

The following product changes are included in this release.


Work Order Log Changes

  • Modified the work order log to prevent editing or deleting comments. Note that this change only affects standalone comments and does not apply to comments on labor, materials, or expense items.
    • Why the change? This change is being made to preserve the integrity of the log and thus the accuracy of a work order's audit trail. With comments being editable or deletable, there were a number of use-cases that could cause the log to be inaccurate. For example, it was possible for a user to make a public comment and notify your customer of that comment via email, but then later delete the comment from the log, thus removing the history that the comment was ever made, even though your customer has an email showing that the comment was made. A similar situation could occur when editing a comment instead of deleting it.
    • We recognize that there are times when a public comment may need to be corrected due to typos or incorrect information. So, for these instances, we are enabling a comment to be changed from public to private as a one-way action. This one-way action won't prevent your customer from being notified about the public comment added in error, but at least you will be able to hide that comment from the customer portal. You can then add a new public comment with the correct information. This will preserve the history of what actually happened and eliminate confusion caused by editing or deleting comments from the log.
    • We understand this change may feel like a limitation to some users, but it's the right thing to do for our customers to be able to fully trust that a work order's log is always accurate.
  • The work order log in the customer portal is being expanded to show more types of log entries. In addition to comment log entries that we already display, we will now be displaying log entries for the following events:
    • Work order created and closed
    • Work order reopened by customer
    • Cancellation requested by customer
    • Cancellation request removed by customer
  • Modified all work order log entry terminology from "Changed" to "Edited". The "edited" terminology is more accurate as it reflects that a user visited the edit page and then saved, even if no changes were actually made. The description for such log entries has also been modified to be more accurate:
    • If a work order is edited and no changes are detected, the log entry title will say "Edited" and the description will say "No changes were detected."
    • If a work order is edited and there are changes, the log entry title will say "Edited" and the description will show what changes have been made.
  • Removed the "Edit" and "Delete" buttons from work order items in the log. These buttons caused confusion because they implied that the log entry itself could be edited or deleted when it was actually the associated item that could be edited or deleted. We have retained the "View" button that links to the associated item, however it has been changed to a link and moved to the right of the log entry title.

Other Changes

  • Enhanced the work order 'Summary' print-out to show more comments and improved the formatting of the comment list.
  • Added pink color theme, and a pink work order status color.
  • Increased the size of the work order tabs in the mobile web application.
  • Added "Equipment External Id" columns to the "Equipment" and "Equipment Service History" custom report datasets.
  • Added "External Id" as an optional column to the Equipment List.
  • Improved the equipment dropdown list when creating, editing, and cloning a work order to make it easier to search for an equipment item when the list is long. This improvement was also applied to creating and editing recurring jobs.


  • Fixed: Taxable items added to a work order from the mobile web interface sometimes weren't marked as taxable.
  • Fixed: Portal user passwords weren't allowing certain special characters.
  • Fixed: Assignment comments not allowing < or > characters sometimes.
  • Fixed: Wrong date saved when trying to set a contract's start or end date to a DST start/end date.
  • Fixed: When editing the billing information for a work order, the corresponding log entry doesn't show what was changed.
  • Fixed: When editing a recurring job and changing the end date such that the job won't run again, the job never gets marked as 'Completed'.
  • Fixed: User permission roles sometimes not saved correctly.
  • Fixed: Pop-up dialogs could be too easily dismissed by simply clicking outside the box. If done accidentally, all user input in the pop-up dialog could be lost.
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