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Release Notes - 2020-06-12

The following BlueFolder product updates were just released.

Customizable Work Order Cloning

  • A new "Cloning Options" button at the top of the work order clone page allows you to specify the following options:
    • Clone labor items (optionally with comments)
    • Clone materials items (optionally with comments)
    • Clone expense items (optionally with comments)
    • Clone file & link attachments
  • A new "Clone" preference has been added to built-in and custom fields. This preference determines whether a field's value cloned when cloning a work order. You can find these preferences in Settings > Work Orders > Fields.

Contract Improvements

  • The user interface for contracts has been improved for ease of use and to be consistent with the layout used in other parts of BlueFolder.
  • The Contract Overview page has been enhanced with a new "Recent Work Order History" list that shows the most recent work orders associated with the contract.
  • A new "Work Order History" tab lets you view all work orders associated with the contract.
  • A new "Recurring" tab lets you view all recurring jobs associated with the contract.
  • A new item in actions menu called "New Recurring Job" lets you quickly create a new recurring job for the contract, saving you data entry time by prepopulating key field values.
  • When adding a work order labor, materials, or expense item that is billed to a contract, the work order will now automatically get linked to the contract if the work order is not already linked to a contract.

Email Attachments to Your Customers

  • When sending an email to your customer, either from the actions menu's "Email Customer" item or from a printed document (e.g. Billing Summary), you can now include file attachments from the work orders attachments list.
  • The work order log entry associated with outgoing emails now includes a notation indicating how many attachments were included in the outgoing email.

User Group Improvements

  • When filtering calendar views by user group, you can now filter by multiple groups at the same time. This is really useful because it allows you to create user groups for things like technician skills, certifications, regions, and work shifts. For example, let's say you need to find all techs working 2nd shift and with a specific skill or certification. You can filter by group "2nd Shift Techs" and "Techs with X Skill" and then you'll only see the techs who belong to both of those groups.
  • When clicking on a user's profile photo the popup window that show's the user's information now includes a list of all the user groups they belong to.

Redesigned Signature Capture

  • When capturing a customer's signature on a printed document, a new "Click to Sign" box has been added directly above the part of the document where the signature is to be added. For a short time, the "Sign" button at the top of printed documents will be retained but will simply popup a reminder to use the new click to sign area within the document.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: HTML characters showing up in Smart list successful creation notice.
  • Fixed: Intermittent connection problems transferring a billing batch to QuickBooks Online.
  • Fixed: Wrong time is shown on notification email to customer.
  • Fixed: Cannot "Save as Attachment" when viewing a printed document in the mobile web app.
  • Fixed: When creating a new work order from the Equipment List, the service location is not set correctly.
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