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Release Notes - 2021-07-15

The following BlueFolder product updates were just released.


Updated User Interface

  • Introducing the new navigation bar that is easier to use, more space-efficient, and less cluttered.
  • The "Dashboards" tab has been replaced with an icon to reduce clutter while still allowing quick access to the dashboard. Links to dashboards have also been added to the "Reports" tab's dropdown menu.
  • The previous split tab design has been eliminated to reduce confusion for new users while still retaining all the same capabilities. You can hover over the menu items to reveal the menu's dropdown, but you can also click the menu item to execute the default action for that menu.
    • For example: Hovering over "Customers" will reveal the dropdown menu with a variety of options, but if you single-click the "Customers" menu item you will be taken to the customer list.
    • On touch-screen devices, a single tap reveals the dropdown menu, and a subsequent tap will execute the default action.
  • The account/company name that used to appear in large bold letters on the upper left has been moved to the right side of the navigation menu, just to the left of your user profile picture.
  • The Customer Overview page has been updated to match the same visual design used for work orders, equipment, contracts, etc. The create and edit screens have also been updated to be more space-efficient and consistent with other parts of the application.
  • Various small improvements to the user interface throughout the application.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Editing a customer via the API sometimes doesn't properly set the customer's "Bill To Name" property.
  • Fixed: Intermittent problem with attached files being corrupted.
  • Fixed: Not properly handling automatic email replies after recent Microsoft Outlook update.


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