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Release Notes - 2022-01-29

The following BlueFolder product updates will be released this evening.


  • Bill-To Changes
    • Removed bill-to option 'Other Address'. Previously, BlueFolder provided an option to bill to an 'other address' that could be entered directly in the 'Bill To' section on customer records and work orders. This option was problematic because the addresses entered were stored in a less structured way than customer locations, resulting in some intermittent problems with our QuickBooks integration. With tonight's release, this option is being removed and any previously entered addresses will be converted into a customer location named 'Billing Address'. From this point forward, users will have to choose a customer location as the billing address.
    • New bill-to option: 'Other Location'. This new option makes it easy to choose one of your customer's locations as the bill to address.
    • New bill-to option: 'Service Location'. This new option allows work orders to be billed to the 'Service Location' of the work order.
  • User Management Changes
    • Added the ability to activate an inactive user.
    • Added a link to quickly add more user licenses if trying to add a new user and your account doesn't have enough licenses available.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Web request form not handling Canada address fields correctly.
  • Fixed: In the calendar feed, all-day events do not display as "All Day" but instead they look like an event from midnight to 11:59 pm.
  • Fixed: When adding labor to a work order, the total price and cost are not updated when using the "Copy Start/Stop" button to set the duration.
  • Fixed: misplaced search button when editing billing information for a work order.
  • Fixed: When editing incoming email settings, saving the form without entering in a Custom Email Address causes a duplication of error messages to be displayed.
  • Fixed: billing batch checkbox to select/unselect all not working to unselect.
  • Fixed: Adding a bookmark with a duplicate name gives a success message but it doesn't actually add the duplicate bookmark.
  • Fixed: Search bar sometimes missing when adding materials to a work order.
  • Fixed: Signature capture not working in the Android app.


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