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Release Notes - 2022-06-27

What's New

  • Added a new billing preference to control whether invoices can be created for open work orders. This new preference is off by default, so if you don't turn it on you'll only be able to create invoices for closed work orders. You can find the preference in Settings > General Settings > Billing.
  • We've updated the work order’s “Items” tab to improve sorting. Specifically, the items list’s default sort is now set to show the most recently added items at the top of the list. Also, a new column has been added on the left of the list with an icon that, when hovered over, shows the date/time the item was added. The column header for that column can be clicked to sort the list by the item create date/time. We've also adding click-to-sort functionality to the "Unit Price" and "Total Price" columns.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Invoices transferred to QuickBooks Online sometimes don’t include the bill-to customer's email address.
  • Fixed: Taxes not being set properly when exporting invoices to QuickBooks desktop.
  • Fixed: Custom print template not showing work order’s invoice date.
  • Fixed: Duplicate web request submission when submit button is clicked more than once.
  • Fixed: Invoice PDF files sent via email aren’t styled properly.
  • Fixed: Mobile attachment list issues with large attachment lists.
  • Fixed: Error creating a recurring job from a customer record.
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