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Release Notes - 2022-06-30

In today's update we're releasing improvements to the new invoicing features we released last week, including some changes that are a direct result of your feedback.

What's New

  • In the work order "Billing" tab, a new "Invoicing Summary" section has been added that shows the "Total Billable" amount of the work order along with the "Amount Invoiced" and the remaining amount "To be Invoiced".
    • The "Total Billable" section is expandable to display the billable items that make up the total billable amount.
    • The "Amount Invoiced" section is expandable to display all of the invoices that make up the amount invoiced.

  • We've reinstated the "Billing Status" field on the work order "Billing" tab, but with some modifications. The previous values for this field were somewhat ambiguous and were a bit more focused on the exporting of billing data than offering a true picture of the billing status of a work order. So we have a new list of values that we feel are more descriptive and work for both old and new billing data alike.

    If you have custom reports that had filters based on the billing status field, we've gone ahead and altered your filters to work for the new data and also already changed your existing billing status values to the new values shown below. If you don't have custom reports that filter on billing status, your billing status values will be modified sometime over the next couple of days (we're making this data modification in stages in order to avoid downtime). 

    The previous values are being modified as follows:
    • "Not Billed" - no change
    • "Batched" - changing to "Invoice Created"
    • "Exported" - changing to "Invoice Exported"
    • "Invoiced" - changing to "Invoice Transferred"

  • We've heard your feedback about the new item-locking feature that we released last week. This feature is meant to protect the integrity of your data but we underestimated how many of you are altering work order items even after you've invoiced them in your accounting system. So we've opened up the ability to edit locked items (i.e. items that have been invoiced) but with some warnings and required confirmations.

    In order to edit a locked item, simply click the lock icon next to the item (in a list) or next to the action buttons (when viewing a single item) then answer the confirmation question asking if you want to edit the locked item. You'll then be able to access the edit page where you can make your changes. When saving edits to a locked item, you'll be required to confirm that you're sure you want to make a change to an edited item.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: "To be emailed" and "To be printed" invoice options are not being passed to QuickBooks Desktop properly.
  • Fixed: Error on Exporting "Table: Recurring Job Labor"
  • Fixed: "Service Billing" dashboard widget shows large negative numbers instead of 0 when a new account has no billing data.
  • Fixed: Cannot see Save to add labor in the mobile app when using certain Android devices.
  • Fixed: Recurring jobs displaying on the calendar where it should not be - marked complete but did not run.
  • Fixed: Recurring job sometimes creates work order with the wrong bill to information.
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