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Release Notes - 2022-08-20

What's New

  • Improvements to viewing Photo Attachments - viewing attached photos for work orders, customers, contracts, or equipment is now much more efficient. With this update when you click on a photo's thumbnail image, an image preview mode will be displayed in the same window. Once image preview mode is activated, you can click the left and right arrows in the preview window to scroll through all attached photos.


  • Mark Invoices as Paid - you can now mark invoices as paid so that they don't appear as outstanding or past due on your billing dashboard. This feature does not require you to be using BlueFolder Pay. You can mark an invoice as paid from either the invoice list, or when viewing a single invoice. Simply click the "Pay" button and then choose "Enter a manual payment" from the dialog box that appears. On the "Record Payment" form, select the payment method and optionally a reference number (e.g. check number for payments by check).
    Please note that currently, only full payments are supported therefore the payment amount field is not editable.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Error occurs when adding labor to a work order via mobile app.
  • Fixed: Error occurs when transferring an invoice to QuickBooks Online.
  • Fixed: Unable to edit customer for a work order in mobile app.
  • Fixed: Unfriendly error when creating an assignment for nobody that is unscheduled on a recurring job.
  • Fixed: Editing user permissions results in error.
  • Fixed: Updating a portal user's first/last name - change not reflected in the portal.
  • Fixed: When editing labor, materials, expense items and clicking the "Save and New" button, it deletes the edited item.
  • Fixed: Timeout when downloading Invoice Batch export file for QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Fixed: Issue with downloading certain attachments from the mobile Android app.
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