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Adding a New User

Your employees can gain access to the functions of Bluefolder by way of user accounts. Create user accounts for each employee you want to have access. Your BlueFolder account is priced on a per-user, per-month basis, so you may need to contact our support team to upgrade your account before you can add additional users.

How to Create a New User

To create a new user, navigate to Settings > Users & Permissions.

Click the "New User" button, and you will be taken to the New User creation page.


You will then have to input information on your new user including:

  • First & Last Name
  • Display Name - The display name is the name that will be used in pick-lists, schedules, etc. You can use a full name, nickname, initials, or anything you'd like. Each user in an account must have a unique display name.
  • Email Address - This is the primary email you want to be associated with this user. This is the email where they will receive email notifications.
  • Username - This is the alias the user will use to login. We suggest using the user's email address.
  • Permission Role - User permissions are governed by what roles you assign them. For more information on roles, visit the User Permissions page.
  • Notifications - This checkbox will determine whether the user will receive BlueFolder system update and maintenance notifications. This is different than notifications related to work order events, assignments, etc.

Once you have finished, click "Save", and the new user will receive an email at the email address you specified. They will be prompted to activate their account by creating a password. 


When the user clicks the "Activate Your Account Now" link from the email, they will need to create a password for their account. When they complete this process, their user account will be activated and they will be able to login.


If a user forgets their password, you can send them an email prompt to change their password by going to the Users tab (General Settings > Users & Permissions) and clicking the "Reset Password" button in the corresponding user's list entry.

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