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Incoming Email: How does BlueFolder Handle Incoming Email?

BlueFolder offers robust email capabilities, including the ability to process incoming emails that are sent to your account's email address. Incoming email is either converted into a new work order or will update an existing work order.

Incoming Email Settings

BlueFolder evaluates all incoming emails according to the incoming email settings as shown below. To protect your account from spam, you can specify rules to restrict which email accounts BlueFolder will accept mail from. You can configure your incoming email settings by navigating to Settings > Email > Incoming Email Settings.


Here you can configure to accept incoming emails using the following settings:

  • "Don’t accept any email" - using this setting will turn off all incoming email.
  • "Accept incoming email from anyone" - using this setting will accept incoming email from any outside email address.
  • "Only accept email from the following…"
    • "Any user in my users list" - this setting will accept emails from anyone in your users list.
    • "Any contact in my customer list" - this setting will accept emails from anyone in your customer contacts list.
    • "Any email address in the following list" - this setting will accept emails from anyone in the list that you specify below. (Note: you can approve entire email domains by entering ‘*@domain.com’ in the list.)

Creating new Work Orders via Email

To create a new work order via email, simply send an email to your BlueFolder email address (described here). The email "subject" will be used as the work order's "Description" and the body of the email will be copied in the work order's "Detailed Description" field. Any files attached to the email will also be copied into the work order as file attachments. Incoming emails received from one of your customers will result in a new work order that is automatically linked to the customer record having an email address that matches the incoming email's from-address.

* Incoming emails that are sent as replies to a BlueFolder notification on an existing work order are processed as comments for that work order, and will not result in a new work order being created.

Updating an Existing Work Order via Email

Learn more about updating work orders via email...

Email Attachments

Incoming email will automatically add attachments to the Work Order. However, the total message size limit, including the message itself and any number of attachments, is 20MB. Be aware that some ISPs and companies may either dramatically limit the size and/or type of attachments, or even block them altogether.

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